My Bragalogue

My name is Otis Bess Jr. I’m a Marketing and Creative Content Strategist based in San Francisco. I help Transformative Coaches expand their Brand so they can really make a difference in the communities that they serve. I believe that in order to build strong communities it’s necessary to develop strong individuals, which is one of the main reasons that I want to work with Coaches.

I have been into photography and fascinated by commercials for as long as I can remember. My fascination with commercials and photographic skills led to an amazing 30-year career in motion pictures. I am a highly skill Producer, Director, Director of Photography and Editor. I have worked on feature films, commercials (National, Regional and Local), industrials and documentaries.


     I believe that the Internet offers Personal Brands the most easily accessible and cost-effective method to scale their businesses. This is why I added Social Media Marketing strategies to the years of production experience. By staying up to date with current strategies and trends I’m able to provide my clients with a comprehensive understanding of their options.

I am happily married and we have two grown-ass sons. I’m pretty much obsessed by the game of Ice Hockey both as a coach and a player. I am a Certified USA Hockey Coach. I am recognized as Level 4. I however consider myself a Level 4.5 (long story but feel free to ask me why)

I love to work with my hands and enjoy cabinetmaking. I’m a former Sea Scout and love sailing, swimming, SCUBA diving and travel.

 I have been involved in the entertainment industry all of my life. A classically trained pianist since the age of 7 and picked up the trumpet at 10. I played trumpet academically throughout college and performed with local bands until I was 27.

I got into photography at the age of 13 because it allowed me to capture what my eyes saw but my hands couldn’t put to paper. My friend’s father had a darkroom in their house and I became hooked on photography. I studied photography in high school throughout college and into The Academy of Art College.
While playing in a local band and working at the San Francisco Opera Association music videos became popular. With my photographic background I felt that I could do that. So I tagged along with a few of the Opera crew and shot stills of their handy work.
My career path led me to JCX Expendables where I eventually created a job for myself and worked for 2 ½ years. During that time I learned “The Biz” and how to sell adhesive tape and color gels. I assisted the professional Motion Picture and Photographic industries of the Bay Area.
Through the associations that I made at JCX I was able to land a position at Lee Utterbach Cameras, Inc. where I learned a variety of camera systems with an emphasis on the Arriflex system. I learned the fine art of cleaning filters and (to complete the circle) the proper way to clean adhesive tape off equipment cases.
I’ve experienced first-hand the power of motion picture production to expand ones horizons. Production has afforded me the opportunity to spend time with many of the Civil Rights icons like Mohammed Ali. I have traveled various parts of the Underground Railroad, shared space with Made Men (Fagettaboutit) and have been on an archeological dig in the Eastern Sierras.
At the time I was one of 5 African Americans working in the major film production industry of the San Francisco Bay Area and the only African American Assistant Cameraman in Northern California. In 1990 I founded The Brotherwood Film Foundation as a way to grow the African American presence in the professional Bay Area Film community, build collaborative opportunities for producing our stories and to expand the options for Inner City Children through film production.
Besides having a lifelong attachment with the entertainment I have also had a lifelong experience with Real Estate. Our family ran an 8-unit apartment building again for as long as I can remember. I learned building maintenance and basic repair by my father’s side. My mother taught me the management side of the business. I continue to build on my Real Estate foundation as a member of Fortune Builders the premiere national real estate education and development network.